Anjunabeats Worldwide 682 with Spada

Written by on 30th June 2020


1. Audiofly feat. Fiora Cutler ‘6 Degrees’ (Get Physical Music)
2. Klangkarussel ‘Shipwreck’ (Bias Beach Records)
3. Henry Saiz ‘Iridescent’ (Last Night On Earth)
4. Dodi Palese ‘Last Destination’ (ISOLATE)
5. Spada ‘Part Of Me’ (Anjunabeats)
6. Alex Breitling ‘Nefarius’ (ZEHN Records)
7. Gregor Tresher ‘Disturber’ (Break New Soil)
8. John Lord Fonda ‘So Far Away’ (Citizen Records)
9. James Holden ‘Nothing [Who Else & Zagitar Remix]’ (Loaded Records)
10. V.U.L.V.A. ‘White BMW’ [Legowelt Remix]’ (Ural 13 Records)
11. Hola Estrella ‘Cookies’ (NEIN Records)
12. Dusky ‘Static’ (Running Back)

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