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Unprecedented circumstances where we are all cooped up in our houses during summer just means one thing – bookmarking Airbnb houses and organizing your Pinterest board by what vacation would you like to take in all four seasons. Why a different board for a different season? Because summer is likely to be canceled and we must be […]

Furniture ideas are really evolving during quarantine and I am loving that a table brings a lot more to the table than being a table. Never did I think I would come across a clock that was also a table but the world of design always surprises us! Functional furniture is an essential as our […]

Blloc rose to fame in 2018 following the launch of its smartphone, a capable piece of tech that did something no other phone dared to attempt. The Blloc smartphone came with hardware and software that provided complete functionality, but with the intent to curb screen addiction. The Blloc smartphone used a clever OS-skin that unlocked […]

Why are these ridiculous fidget spinners such a craze?! Enough with it! If you want to keep your fingers busy and yourself entertained, ditch that spinner for a TinyArcade that actually puts a miniature playable arcade game in the palm of your hand! Modeling itself after the arcade consoles as we know them, these lilliputian arcades are […]

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