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Date: 21/04/2019
Time: 02:00

On the next AFTERDARK Sunday 21st April 02.00 – 04.00am UK time, I have the second half of the show taken over by……

Stereotype / Enterrec

Currently signed to Enterrec, Neil started playing out during the vinyl days of 2002 and rose to prominence under his BassMonkee moniker, tearing up dance-floors with all things house: from the deep and dirty, to electro, fidget and heavy bass wobbles. Under this guise he held residencies all over the UK at parties including Sweet, Midlands Underground and the true house heavyweights Funk Deluxe.

This was on top of his own promotions; Stupid Stereo in Coventry, and Wonky in Peterborough and guests slots all over the UK through the peak of the Super Club era. He has graced the decks at all major clubs in both the UK and all across Ibiza, and played out extensively from the year he started. In 2015 and struggling to find inspiration in the current house scenes he introduced the world to Stereotype, his new alias and Neil has since put the BassMonkee to bed is now 100% focused on the Psytrance scene.

For the first time in a long time Neil was back to being an unknown quantity in a new scene, and with that in mind it’s hard to comprehend the impact he’s already made. Since rebranding himself Neil has held residencies at Shindigerz, BAM!, Birmigham’s day party giants Splat and his own promotion, Psyology, as well as guest apperances all over the country at brands such as Psytronic, Equinox Festival, Faerie Pirates, Psybase, Subaqua, Illusi0m and many more.

No matter what style he plays, his sets are high-octane; full on energy, and as he puts it ‘bouncy as fuck’!! In his relatively short time on the scene he’s forged a solid reputation for explosive sets, awesome track selection and creating atmosphere’s amongst ravers that is almost palpable. Neil is also the brains behind Birmingham Psy brand Psyology. As the brand enters it’s third year it’s popularity is at a high. The events are known nationwide for it’s forward thinking line up’s and it’s amazing atmosphere. It has brought artists such as Laughing Buddha, Bionix, Hypnocoustics, Audiofire, Nikki S, N-Kore and Champa to Birmigham to play.

So far 2019 has the magic feel of something truly special for Stereotype. With bookings already out to the end of the year and 2 more Psyology’s planned before the end of the year this veteran clubber, DJ and promoter is ready to show the UK scene exactly what he thinks a party should looks like!