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Harmonizing Dreams and Reality: The Sonic Odyssey of Eelke Kleijn’s DAYS like NIGHTS

todayMarch 17, 2024 8

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Eelke Kleijn, a Dutch producer and DJ, has crafted an enchanting and immersive world of sound through his “DAYS like NIGHTS” label and radio show. His artistry, marked by a deep understanding of melody and atmosphere, stands at the intersection of electronic dance music and cinematic experience.

“DAYS like NIGHTS” offers a platform for Kleijn’s own releases as well as for other artists who share his aesthetic vision. The label is not just about music; it’s a journey that explores the emotive and evocative side of electronic music, blurring the lines between deep house, techno, and progressive sounds. Kleijn’s ability to weave intricate soundscapes has earned him a unique place in the music world, where each track tells a story, each beat conveys an emotion.

Kleijn’s career spans over a decade, and in this time, he has not only established himself as a prolific producer but also as a film score composer, adding a rich depth to his understanding of audio narratives. His skills as a composer shine through in his DJ sets, where he carefully curates a blend of tracks that take listeners on an auditory odyssey.

The “DAYS like NIGHTS” radio show is an extension of this philosophy. Here, Kleijn showcases his favorite music, including previews of upcoming releases from his label. The show is a testament to his skill as a selector, with each episode being a meticulously crafted mix that captures the essence of his sound.

In summary, Eelke Kleijn’s “DAYS like NIGHTS” is more than a label or a radio show; it’s a celebration of music’s power to evoke emotions and create immersive experiences. It stands as a beacon for quality, depth, and emotional resonance in the electronic music scene.

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