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Name: Bill Murray ( Dj Bill Skooler )

Age: 43

From: Belfast

Sex: Male

Started Producing Music: 1992

Started Dj’ing: 1994

Music influences: Altern-8, Dream Frequency, Cappella, Acen, Moby

Music i am into: Oldskool Rave,House and Trance

Other Hobbies: Photography and Video editing/Production


I started producing music in 1992 with an Atari St computer and a Yamaha sy77 keyboard,
i then worked part time in a music recording studio were i worked with, recorded and helped
write music for other artists coming into the studio.
I then worked in a music shop called Session music on the
dublin road (Belfast) selling and demonstrating musicical keyboards,

As time went on, my equipment grew and i got more into writing music,
so i started going to clubs more to hear what was playing so i could
replicate it in the studio, and it was then i started to make friends who were Dj’s and
i was shown how to use turntables, and then i got hooked, so i bought a pair of technics
1200’s, spent a lot off money on records and loved it ever since.
I ended up playing in loads of places around the Uk, met a lot of people, i then started to
get back into producing music and have worked with some known artists.

Other info:
Currently a Dj at every Sunday at 8pm (Playing Oldskool) and every Tuesday at 8pm (Playing Deep House)