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Dag started his DJ career at the Music Hall Frankfurt (Germany) in 1985 with the legendary
Monday sessions. From a nearly empty dancefloor at the beginning, he enthused the party
people with his own and inimitable music style with the result, that an average of 500 people
visited his gigs every Monday. At that time, he also spinned his records regularly at the
Aoxomoxoa and the Vogue Club in Frankfurt.

From 1988 on, a dream came true for DJ Dag played the Sunday morning sessions at the
World’s famous Night Club Dorian Gray (Frankfurt Airport) for 5 Years. Another successful
chapter was the Omen in Frankfurt, where Dag played as a Resident DJ on Saturdays, along
with Sven Väth who played the Fridays.

Both Clubs – the Dorian Gray and the Omen – became the most influenced techno nightclubs
globally in the early 90’s. Dag’s performances and music at that time was a significant
contribution to the Sound of Frankfurt beginning/mid 90’s. And he was the first Dj who
called his Music „Trance“, so he gave the Child his name.

He is furthermore well-known for his performances at HR3 Clubnight Radioshow where he
played for 18 Years..

In 1997 Dag moved to California and worked there as aResident Dj at Club 1015 Follsom in
San Francisco.

International Resident Dj bookings followed at Club UK/ The Complex in London (UK) and
Space (Ibiza).

The Cocoon club engaged DJ Dag as a resident DJ until the Club closed in 2012.

He celebrated his 30 years DJ performance in 2015 with a successful Club Tour.
Throughout the last 31 years until today, DJ Dag performs in national and international clubs
followed by raves & festivals such as Tribal Gathering (UK), Mayday (Poland), Word Club

Dome (Germany), Parookaville Festival (Germany) and Nature One (Germany).

Dag is well-known for playing his DJ Sets with Vinyl.

He is actually Resident Dj at the Le Panther Club in Frankfurt and with his Projekt: Dj Dag &
Matthew Kramer they have almost 15 Releases on different Labels..

DJ Dag Profile – Discography

Dag and Jam El Mar worked together on several music & dance projects. Dance 2 Trance hit
the national and international dance charts with “The Power of American Natives” (1993).

The single was rewarded with a gold record.

With Peyote, the second project, the track “I will fight no more forever” has reached cult
status in the techno & trance scene up until today. Due to the big success of this track, it was
again released on Superstar Records in 2000.

Further collaborations followed with Non-Eric (Lunatec Records) as “Crazy Malamute” with
a “Best of Album – the Collection” (1999) and the single release “Welcome to the Dorian
Gray” (2000).

As the “Flowmasters” – together with Peter Laupenmühlen – Dag released the Download
album “Intriguing Visions”.

On Dr. Motte’s Praxxiz Label, DJ Dag & Dr. Motte released the Single „Sunfighter“ for

Download (wo konnte man die herunterladen ) and on Vinyl (2010).

After several partner projects, Dag released several tracks on his own label Mato-Music:

“A Policeman” (2011), “A wayward Angel” (2012) plus the albums “The Vinyls” and
“Partners in Crime”.

He hit the Top 10 of the DJ Trance Charts with the single “DJ Dag & Matthew Kramer – How

Long” (Planet Bass Records 2012).

Since ???? he is signed with Replay Records and released the single “The Warriors” as a new

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