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“The first & hardest on the UK House scene” [Pete Tong – Radio 1]

“This isn’t music, this is a physical force” [Mixmag]

“The new age, [Unique 3] stand as a testament to the new spirit of risk and adventure” [Paulo Hewitt NME]

“The Theme” gave bass tones a whole new meaning” [Music Mag]

“Commitment to the underground” [Record Mirror]


Whipping together a mesmerising flow of freestyle bass, frequency driven abstractions, penetrating rhythms and an intangible sip of soul, Unique 3 has been on the razor’s edge of dance music since its’ inception. And has a worrying selection of scars to prove it.

Forever etched into warehouse legend with his pioneering of Bleep House, Unique 3 was instrumental in evolving House Music beyond its roots in Soul and Disco and into a futuristic soundscape that drove the progressions of dance music as we know it.

Unique 3 has been cited by such luminaries as The Chemical Brothers, Coldcut, Goldie & LFO as inspiration.

Unique 3’s groundbreaking early releases bridged the gap from US Hip-Hop into a vibrant new sound that was to change music forever:

‘Activity’ by Unique 3 was the first dance track to sample the infamous AMEN break & went on to become one of the most sampled records ever whilst being cited as one of the very few original “Break-Beat” tracks which later spawned “Jungle” then “Drum & Bass” & paved the way for Nu-Skool Breaks.


The inclusion of Unique 3’s – ‘The Theme’ on both The Chemical Brothers album of tracks that inspired them to make music: ‘Brothers Gonna Work It Out.’

& on Warp Records’ collection of early House tracks that inspired them to set up their world famous label (later their download site BLEEP which they obviously named after Unique 3’s sound), an album aptly titled: ‘Inspirations’, stands testament to this. source: Virgin/10 Records Press Department

Edzy was recently reminded of Unique 3’s iconic status in the history of dance music when Unique 3 ‘The Theme’ was voted the number 1 track played at The Hacienda

in the ’90s by the Deejays that played there.


Edzy has also released tracks under his own name, including the Strictly Rhythm Records release – “Do It ’til You Burn.”

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