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1     Right in The Knight                                                Jam & Spoon

2     Seven Days in One Week                                     BBE

3     Bolivian Angel                                                        Agnelli  & Nelson

4     Cry                                                                           System F

5     Why don’t you dance with me                           Future Breeze

6     Right and Exact (Remix)                                       Push Universal Nation

7     Invisible                                                                   TILT

8     For what you dream of                                         Bedrock

9     Delicious                                                                 Bushbabies

10   Flowtation                                                              Vincent De Moor

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Frankie Ninja crew

Hi Everyone I’ve been Djn from I was 19 and still going, went to my first rave and seen how the DJ was playing music and how the crowd was loving it and said to myself i want to do that. So i went and bought my first set of Turn Tables (Which was soundlab […]