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Michele Mausi [R]3volution Radio Show

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01. OSCAR MULERO - Goals and Other Perceptions (Original Mix) [Semantica]
02. CESAR ALMENA - Motherfucker (The Advent Remix) [Code]
03. VIELS - Oblivion (Original Mix) [Semantica]
04. GIRI - Apathy (Original Mix) [Binary Archive/Awry]
05. OSCAR MULERO - Delegation (Original Mix) [Semantica]
06. TESTE - The Wipe (Steve Bicknell Remix) [Edit Select]
07. METRO SKIM - Priority Destionation (Original Mix) [6 Dimensions]
08. S.E.R.E.S - Shifted Reality (Original Mix) [Envra]
09. EDIT SELECT & TESTE - Ascend (Cleric Remix) [Edit Select]
10. WHT MOTH - Reduced to the Bone (Pfirter Remix) [Eclectic Limited]
11. PFIRTER - Universal Constant (Original Mix) [MindTrip]
12. ELECTRIC RESCUE - Blizzard (Original Mix) [Children of Tomorrow]
13. JORG RODRIGUEZ - Stout (Original Mix) [Hayes]
14. KAISER - Nothing (Regis Remix) [KSR]


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Michele Mausi [R]3volution Radio crew

All the best of real techno music played in vinyl by one of the techno pioneer. Michele Mausi starts is career in the early 90’s with Subway Records, also was the resident dj in the first techno parties in Europe. Now from his new label [R]3volution Records, is born [R]3volution Radio Show, every week on […]

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