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Uone – Ranch-O-Radio (UNLEASHING THE MUSIC IN EVERYONE) Coming to you from the Ranch-O-Relaxo studio located on Melbourne’s beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

Ranch-O-Radio is weekly show that focuses on all music that is currently inspiring me as DJ & producer. Based in Melbourne, Australia; DJ and producer Uone is renowned for his unique sound and the energy it brings to dance floors.

Uone’s sets encompass a wide spectrum of four to the floor genres, infused with a diverse range of influences; from deep tech house, exotic tribal rhythms, soul, funk, 60s psychedelia, all delivered with a unique sense of humor and playful energy..

Music I will be showcasing & discussing will be deep house, techno, minimal, electronica, mid tempo, tribal & world music. You’ll get it all flavors of dance music that is expertly mixed together.

Expect exclusively live recorded DJ sets from my gigs from all over the world. My aim is to promote & create awareness of the gig, festival, promoter, country and venue that booked me, so my fans can find the music after the gig and reconnect whilst keeping them in the loop with upcoming music releases & gigs.

1 - Jonas gewald - Call
2 - Tankwa - Betelgeize (Free download)
3 - Bridge (Zebra Centauri's Waldschloesschen Remix) - TAL DER VERWIRRUNG
4 - Kapote - Temptation (original Mix) [Toy Tonic]
5 - Durante, Elliot Troller - Canopy - [Erthly Delights]
6 - Timboletti- helva Selva [Acker Record]
7 - Chocky - Self Knowledge (Dub) [Dessous Recordings]
8 - Umami - Stank (Original Mix) [TrueColors]
9 - leo Grunbaum - Beast in the dark feat. Luke Temple (Original Mix) [All Day i Dream]
10 - Umami - I ART U (Original Mix) [TrueColors]
11 - Stavroz - XS PLS (Original Mixl) [Denature Records]
12 - Rasi Z - Desire (Full tone Remix) [Dream Colture]

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